Hi! I'm Sanna! Welcome to my trading post. Here you will find a collection of all of my active TCGs.

I'm fairly easy to trade with. I usually always accept trades, so send me a trade request!
If you’d like to trade, fill out my trade form.
I usually answer within a day or two, but if it’s been more than a week, I probably didn’t receive your trade request.
Please remind me through twitter or email!

trade policy


I will trade cards on the "trading" page for anything.I would prefer if it is something I am collecting or keeping though!
I will trade anything on the "trading" page that says might trade for other things I am collecting or keeping.
If you have nothing to offer me, I will accept random cards as long as I don't already have it in my trade pile.
If you need the cards now, you can go ahead and put the trade through on your side.


Active TCGs


last updated 2022-03-07
Trade Post


last updated 2020-11-15
Trade Post

Victory Road

last updated 2019-12-29
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